To the sex addict in me who is not dear at all.
I’m getting rid of you. You will have no more part in me or of me. I am a child of God. I have been set free through Jesus blood. You have no power greater than that. There IS no power greater than that.
I will take steps to completely rob you of any power you should have left.
1. I will NOT turn off my x3watch, unless I turn off my internet.
2. I WILL spend time daily doing my devos.
3. I WILL send my accountability report every day, and ask Evan to keep me accountable.
4. I will tell the truth, no matter how hard it may be.
5. When I am tempted to look at pornography, I will ask Jesus to take those desires away from me.
6. If I am still tempted, I am going to flee from that situation physically, meaning I will get up and go talk to somebody or take a walk or such.
7. I will refuse to dwell on inappropriate thoughts.
8. I will be honest.
9. I will not make excuses.

The truth is, I know you will still be nagging me. But I will refuse to listen. I will know that I have a greater power on my side. I will know that you do not have a hold on me anymore. I will trust Jesus. He WILL help me. I know this. Be afraid. Tremble. Because GOD is going to kick your butt out.
I will not be seeing you any longer. Or ever again. For my sake. For Johanna’s sake. For my kids sake. For Jesus’ reputation sake. Never again.