Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict, you have slowly taken a part of my life one small piece at a time, you have done this slowly over the past few years, because I already believe in God you did it slowly and than made excuses for why you did what you did ( non of them were true) you have lied to me for to long, now its to the next stage where I now live in fear or regrete and shame in the eyes of God. I cant believe I lets you get this far, I opened the door just once and you took over way more than you said you were going to. now here I sit feeling condemn, sad. lonely,i still have a wonderful life and a great family but your trying to steal that from me also. im not letting you go any further. im stopping you right now your done with making me feel like this your done telling me lies its time I get back to where I was many years ago. filled with life and love for others. im kicking you out its time you go ill do whatever I need to so that im free. you have done enough damage to my spirit and my relationship with God im putting you out and locking the door forever. with Gods help your never getting back in and I will love my wife as im suppose to and be there for her always because she is the one God has give to me for life. so get lost your a big lie.

Letter from my sex addict:

he he he you should have never let me in, you know what your bible says, your so weak you can never get me out now, your hooked and you cant live without me, you don’t know what love is so forget it. God is going to help you ( yea right) he hates you why would he help you your days are over with get over it. God is going to help you love your wife in the right way.. (yea whatever) you think God is enough well im not scared of him you will be back. and by the way….everybody is doing it so what the big deal.. just keep it to yourself nobody needs to know and everything will be just fine. plus everything is going o.k in your life anyways. o.k so you have a little guilt just pray and move on. I cant believe you want to leave like this is was so much fun..right it was fun right.. well go do your little thing. and ill be here waiting when you get back