Letter to myself:

Been tired of you for awhile now. You’ve made porn into something that I don’t just go to as a crutch but to just fill time when I’m bored. I know what I see and how I feel when its happening is the opposite of what I truly desire. Keeping me stuck in place. Keeping me from seeing myself as a worthy partner/friend for any woman. Its gotten to the point where I consciously give up and indulge you because I see my addiction as the only possible “intimate” connection I will ever have with any woman. When the reality is that the lust and physical craving you have are the opposite of the friendship and emotional closeness I really want. But know this, you won’t hold me here for much longer. You have pushed me to the breaking point but I wont break. God stands with me and we won’t let you use these desires to ruin me any longer. My life is not my own or yours, but Gods and he has was better plans for me than this.

Letter from my sex addict:

Your weakness is my strength and I will hold you from reaching Gods true calling. You will be alone always and fall short of success for the rest of your life.