Letter to myself:

What do you want? You’re always telling me things that I want to hear just to get me caught up. But you’re not around when the shame come or the guilt or the fear that God is ready to punish me comes! You get to be careless while I have to deal with all the back lash for your actions. I’m done with you! You don’t have control over me. The only reason you think you have control over me is because the control that I have given you. But no more will I allow you to dictate my life or ruin my relationship with God. God loves me unconditionally and He will give me what I need to get rid of you for good! I have people that care and love me for who I am and I will cut you off for good. From this day forward the bridge between you and I is forever burned and I have waters high enough to block off whatever else you may try to build to get back to me!

Letter from my sex addict:

You know you like the way it feels; the climax, feeling desired, for once. Come on. You know how real life is for you,it sucks! Porn, lust, and masterbation gives you an escape, you’ve said so yourself you like your fantasies more than your reality. Why would you want to stop, so you can go back to being lonely with no pleasure of any kind? Who are you fooling? Just look at your life, you’re ALONE! Where are your friends? Where are your family? Oh thats right they don’t even know! You and me we go way back I’ve seen the dark side of you, the one that no one else sees. I know how imperfect you can be. You think you can rid of me that easily? Me and you have a bond thorughout the years I have been there when you were all alone at and I have given you exactly what you wanted. I mean sure it’s wrong but that doesn’t stop you from listening to me, now does it? Please stop trying to play victim when you know you still want me around. We’ll see how long this “act” lasts it wont be long before you come crawling back to me late at night begging for more.