Letter to myself:

It is time, you have had control of me too long. You have had control of my thoughts, my time, my feelings, my marriage, my job so many things. I am ready to get rid of you. You have used your addiction to make me feel better but it was only temporary, so I have learned you use you more. I have had to dig deeper in your disgust and wrongness to find this relief. You have made me lose touch with reality and do things that I am ashamed of. You have caused me shame and guilt in front of God and my family. You have affected my marriage and hurt my wife. God has brought you out into the open and I believe it is for a reason. I will overcome you now. I must do this to be a better man, husband and father. I will ask for help from others as I cannot do this alone. This will not be easy for me to be vulnerable but I must do this. I must trust in God and give this over to him. I will have to be honest with others and my self for God knows anyway. I will be strong, committed and humble. I have not been one to share my life and you are the one that has made me that way. I will learn to open up and trust others with my secret. You will lose control of me and will lead a better life because of this.

Letter from my sex addict:

I have served you well. I have given you the relief you have looked for. I am a part of you and you will not get rid of me. You will struggle everyday, every minute that you try to avoid me. I will constantly test you. I will always be there when you are ready for my relief. I will make you feel good, make you feel wanted, make you able to avoid whatever feeling you are trying to avoid. I will be readily available. I will make you keep secrets from the ones you love, I will drive a wedge into your marriage and make you look at your wife as the one against you. With me, you do not need a marriage. When you break down, I will be there waiting for you. For I am everywhere.