Dear Sex Addict,

You have been running/ruining my life for too long. I was a child when you caught me in your grasp and told me that I would never measure up. Just an unsuspecting little boy that was afraid of being alone forever. In a lot of ways I am still that little boy. But no more, I am determined to be the Man that God has called me to be. You will not run my life anymore. You will not entice me with your lies. I am not helpless, and I am not hopeless. I am not a loss cause.

As a boy you told me that I would never compare to the other boys, so I spent the majority of my life trying to compete, trying to prove that I was better, and if I wasn’t better at least I can watch pornography and pretend that I was. I will no longer listen to your lies. Because I am not worthless, I am a child of God. He made me in his image, he said that I was fearfully and wonderfully made, he said that he made me just the way he meant too. I. Am. Not. Trash

He has given me the power to defeat you, and I have every intention to. So here is what I am going to do.

1) I am no longer going to hide in the shadows of shame and regret, every time you come knocking on my door

2) I am going to be open and honest with my accountability partners and tell them when I am struggling

3) I will not try to defeat you alone

4) I will set boundaries, on my computer and my iPad, and my phone.

5) I will not try to find excuses to listen to your lies

6) This is the last conversation you and I are going to have about this issue. I will no longer listen to your lies, and allow you to manipulate my decisions, my life, my future. this is it.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made