To my other half,
For many years now I have been living with you and have been lied to by you. You made me believe that you would make the pain disappear, but instead have made it worse. I know what you are afraid of and I know where you began, but you need to let it go. Please, look at how far we’ve come despite the challenges, and imagine how much better it would’ve been if we haven’t been arguing with each other. I believe that God will save us and give us the strength to get over this, but you’re going to have to believe in me this time. I know you don’t like it, believe me I’m afraid at times too, but this is for the best. Think of it, once we get over this we won’t have to hide or force ourselves to smile despite our self loathing, and maybe…just maybe we might feel worthy of being in another relationship. Because the way we are now…If we were to be in a relationship right now we would be hurting the person we love. I’m not sure about you, but I for one don’t want to hurt her. So please, I’m asking you just to close your eyes and wait for it to be over. Trust me, it’ll be brighter on the other side.