Letter to myself:


I don;’t get it, I feel like it’s not me. The thought comes into my head, than BAM, it’s overtaken me. Your desire is so strong. You always come when I’m at my weakest…… as a THOUGHT. I have tried so many times to supress you but only last for maybe 3 days max. not even a week. But hey, this is it now you addict, people are addicted to all sorts of things but you, you’re the worst, a hidden sin which noone see’s. I need to get rid of you once and for all. You have wasted so much of my time and it really ticks me off.

Letter from my sex addict:

You know it’s good, but I can only satisfy you for a couple hours and as soon as your done you start yelling and getting angry? are you not happy with the satisfaction I have provided?
Oh well we’ll do it again tomorrow