Here we sit again. I go so long doing so good and then bam. Another night with a cleared out browser history as If deleting the evidence will be like it never happened. But it did happen, once again I have slipped and once again I feel dirty, empty and shamed. You have been with me since as far back as I can remember.. to be honest I can hardly remember a time without you. But now its time for me to let you know that your time is over and you are being replaced! No longer will you warp my views on Love, beauty, women, and sex. I want MY brain back and I want it back clean. Its true that without you there very well may be a hole in my life but the hole is just waiting to be filled by God and his glorious light! This IS my final good bye too you. This is the last time you will ever be familiar to me. You are foreign to me now and you are going to stay that way. Through Gods might and glory you WILL stay that way.