Letter to myself:

To my broken, inner self.

You are worth so much more than your demons have led you to believe. Your heart is precious, and your identity as a beloved daughter of God has been hijacked. Each time you gave a piece of your heart to a man who couldn’t appreciate it, and gave a piece of your body away for momentary, meaningless pleasure, you sunk a little deeper into the mire.

Now, you struggle with cravings that you don’t understand, and it’s so much easier to give in to your cravings than to fight them. But none of these provide more than a momentary relief, followed immediately by a wave of shame.

I am here to tell you you are NOT a failure, and I am finally ready to let God rescue you from the addiction that has crippled you..

Jesus will see you through if you give this over to him. Don’t listen to the lies your addiction tells you. Each time you give in, you’re giving away a bit of your soul. Don’t let the addiction win!

I’m sorry for all the men who liked you enough to sleep with you, but not enough to commit to you. For the culture that taught you to see your worth in your beauty, your sexual prowess, your waistline, the shape of your legs, and how well you can apply makeup. How much skin you were willing to show and whether you were willing to laugh at crude jokes. I wish I could have been there all the times when you turned on the webcam, or hunted for just the right erotica to turn you on. But now, together, we are going to beat this thing once and for all. God wants to heal those parts of you that are shattered and put them back together. Please let him.

I love you, and so does He!

Letter from my sex addict:

Do you really think this is a problem? It’s just a little pleasure. It’s what our bodies were made for – feeling good. Okay, so you decided you’ve repented of your past, and now you’re staying chaste until marriage. Not that you have the opportunity to give your body away to anyone right now anyway. But that’s where I come in, isn’t it? I make it so you don’t NEED a man in your life to take care of your physical needs. You can wait until Mr. Right shows up and I’ll be right here to take care of your desires, to help you keep yourself pure for The One. If you’re not horny, then you can’t struggle with temptation, right?