Letter to myself:

Dear addict self,
You are wrong about me, I do not need to know why these thing happened to me or what makes men tick about me. The stuff that lead me to you are not me but are a device of Satan. God has more power than the father of lies does. God wants to help me and I am will to let him. I am willing to unlock the closet I have kept inside because of fear of how others will perceive me. Addict Self, you are not my friend and not my companion, you are only a pest that I have given to much power and authority to. I am leaving you and your lies and the gate and never letting you back in.
No longer a you companion. M

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear idiot,
I will not leave. You have wanted me gone for so long but all you say right now is all you have said before. You cannot get rid of a part of you. I am imbedded into your life. I am you past and future. Your God cannot get rid of me by mire faith. Ha. You are deceiving yourself. I will come back again and you will bow before me.
You True Living Pestly God. Sin.