Letter to myself:

It’s different this time. This won’t be one of those times where I say this to you and the same night I give into you. I’m finally doing this for my Wife, Family and Future Kids. I will also find the strength to soon tell her about you. I’ve struggled on and off with you since I was in 5th grade. Maybe even sooner.. I can’t even remember when you came into my life. All I know is your out of it now! I don’t need you to relieve stress. I don’t need you when I don’t reach my goals. I don’t need you when my wife doesn’t feel like having sex. I just don’t plan need you. I’m saved by Jesus and He gives me the strength and the wisdom to defeat you! I love the Lord, I love my Wife and I love me future Kids. I’m done with you! I’m doing this program and also the Steps to Freedom in Christ! I’m taking action! This time is different.

Letter from my sex addict:

Ha! I’ve heard this before. You know when your stressed you’ll come find me. What about when you drink? You know you get weaker then. Or how about when your wife isn’t willing to do anything? I know you’ll come back to me. It always happens every time. You and me have known each other a long time. you know I’ll see you soon.