Letter to myself:

Not-Dear sex addict,

I hate you with every piece of my being. You have caused me so much trouble, pain and shame and that’s what you’ll always leave me with in the end, isn’t it? Because although you try to deceive me, pretending to be my friend, my brother, and trying to make all of this look normal… I know it’ll never be. It always feels so right at the beginning but SO WRONG at the end. I hate you for bringing more and more garbage to my life and making it all seem so natural. I hate you for the friendships, the jobs, the moments with my family and even the hours of study, knowledge and friendship with God that you caused me to lose. I’ve spent at least a decade wishing I could turn back time and never have met you and I just don’t wanna live the rest of my life like that. I’ve tried this before and it may have even worked for a while, but here we are again. Neverthless I won’t quit and I won’t give up, because I know the truth, I know who I am, I know how freedom looks like and I’ll spend the rest of my days fighting for those things that I know. I’m gonna be a pure man and the best employee, boyfriend, husband and father in the world and you won’t stop me from being that. I may even fall sometimes along the way, but you won’t stop me from standing up again and keep on walking. So do yourself a favor and get off of my life now, because it won’t have much space for you from now on. I promise I will guard and renew my mind daily, I’ll spend time with God and I’ll choose to believe in what He says about me only. I’ll also guard my heart and my eyes, be careful with my time on the web and if you try to speak loud to me (and I know you will), I’ll get even louder even if it literally means listening to loud music or taking a cold shower. I know I’ll never reach my full potential and be the man I can be with you by my side. So I hope you’ve enjoyed your life and our “friendship” enough beause they’re about to be buried for good!
Sincerely.NOT yours,

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear friend,

What is this all about? Saying goodbye to me? What are you talking about? I thought we were buddies! Best friends! I’ve always kept your secrets and always gave you company when you felt alone and lonely. Are you really gonna kick me out now? You know it doesn’t work like that! You know you can’t live without me! Even now you can already feel it, can’t you? You know this game won’t last for long and you’re gonna run back to me. I bet it won’t last more than one week! LOL. Look at everything I taught you and all the awesome moments I gave you! Do you really want to put an end to all of that? Your relationships, your career…YOU are just a failure without me! A shy, silly and awkward boy trying to be something special. Let’s see how far can you go this time!
See you soon…
Forever yours,
Sex Addict