Letter to myself:

You have been so miserable the last 10 years of you short life. Just think of what this has done with you. Trouble to trust other, lose touch with friends, the way you look at girls, destroyed relationship to God and bouts of social anxiety. And this is not all! Wake up! You don’t controll it, but here is what you should do:
Pray daily
Read the Bible
Reduse your time on computer, touchpad and phone.
Confess immediately when you are even exploring for possible temptation.
Accountability, talk about it with a trusted friend.

No longer will you ruin my life cause I have God on my side and he is stronger than you.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hah. Do you seriously think you have overcome?
By the end of the week you will be back and I will make your life even more pathetic. I have already infiltred your social life, dating life and more, You always think the way I do, so am I realy that bad? Think of it. Many of the girl you’ve dated was to good too be true.