Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict,

I have tried and tried to get rid of you before, but I could not. No matter what i did, i could not shake you. At first I thought you were harmless, that everyone watched porn everyday, that it was something normal that would not affect my life, But I was wrong, you became the biggest thing in my life for a while. You came into my life like a friend, then you showed me your hideous face behind the mask that you used to wear. You took control of my life and quickly started ruining it. First you took away my relationship with my family. You made me hide secrets from them. Then you started trying to destroy my relationship with God. Because of you I masturbated everyday, which caused my hair to start to fall out. That just made everything worse, it made life harder for me. It ruined my life. But thanks to the start of the hair loss, it galvanized me to take action. To start fighting back. I am now here. Typing my goodbye letter to you, because I hate you, and I want you out of my life. I will get rid of you, with the power of Christ that lives in me. I will defeat you. I will do whatever I need to do to rid myself of this plague that has affected my body. I declare that in Christs’ name. Amen

Letter from my sex addict:

Guy, do you really think that writing a letter about how you met me, and about how much you hate me will get rid of me? No, I will keep coming back, and i will keep coming back worse. You have tried to fight me before, and you failed. What makes you think this time will be any different? You are too weak to beat me. You cant get over me. You never will. I will make your life miserable. I will ruin everything you love. No matter what, ill always be there.

love. your porn and sex addict.