Letter to myself:

Look here, I know that you have been like this for a while but it’s time for change. Not temporary change either, I am talking permanent. It’s seems as though you show up just in time for me to miss out on a blessing God has for me. Now because of you I have to wait. I have been waiting for so long that my faith has suffered tremendously. The visions and purposes God have given me have been put on hold because of you. Not to mention that based on the things going on in the world today and knowledge of the Word of God, I can tell Jesus will be returning very soon. I don’t want to have to face Jesus after the rapture knowing that you were with me in my last days on earth. I don’t have time for you anymore, I never did. You are nothing to me I have no more fear of you. I only fear God and that is a huge step for me. I used to be intimidated by you but after God giving me a few recent victories over you I have seen you for what you really are, a phony. So I am telling you now that we are no longer in cahoots. This may be a bold statement because you have been with me since I was 13. You got me at a pivotal time in my life. But God’s grace is stronger than you. God can make up for lost time in my life because He is outside of time. Goodbye.

Letter from my sex addict:

Wow, another wonderful explanation of your feelings. You really know how to say the right thing and you know the Word but you don’t really do it. Well, in this case you do. I think both you and I know that your dreams are over. That window of opportunity has left when you graduated high school, or better yet, after your junior year. I mean you may stay away for a few weeks or months but we both know you won’t last. You know how persistent I can be, what else do I have to do but bother you. On top of that your buddies are leaving for school so you are gonna be all alone. I’m telling you right now that you can give up and I won’t bother you too much or you can try to fight me and I will haunt you until you give in. You really think you can win? You won’t get rid of me until you die. Then you can tell your Jesus that you loved me more than Him. Yeah cause when you mess with me it shows how much more you want me than you want Him. Alright well, this is my warning to you I mean let’s not forget how much of a loser you are, haha yeah we both remember.