Letter to myself:

You have destroyed my social life with girls I found attractive, you even took away my relationship with God. I have been fighting with you since I was a child, i felt guilt and shame of looking at porn I am tired of fighting with you I now give it all to God the Almighty, the one who will win this battle and cast you down to the bottomless pit and chain you there for eternity. I will be praying that Jesus Christ will strengthen me for he is my king, he is Lord of all Lords
Yours truly.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hello young man do you honestly think that this scares me, you know the first time I introduced you to porn you liked it, from that day you were on the hunt to find porn and you were just entering your early teen years. I enjoyed dragging you down making you feel worthless, unloved and most importantly taking your freedom away from along with you relationship with your so called god
Sincerely campanion