Letter to myself:

You have tried and failed so many times before. You can do this, you can conquer it, but only if you surrender completely. Hard to do it, isn’t it? Why go to that trash we you can go before the Creator of the Universe. I know there of thoughts that you’ve done this so many times that God can not possibly forgive you this time. This sin wants you to believe that there is no more forgiveness. But there is, God is always there to forgive and to heal. When those temptations comes, and they will, go to God. He is always there. You’ve got too much to lose. Think of the plans you have for the future. Don’t jeopardize those for a brief moment of satisfaction. Those plans will provide a lifetime and eternity of satisfaction. Remember that… Stay strong. Take it one day at a time, one moment at a time. You can do it.

Letter from my sex addict:

You think this little exercise will help you? Well you’re wrong! The next time you are stressed out from work or your financial situation you will come running back to me just like you always do. I have had you under my control for over 30 years. I forget how many times you’ve tried to get away from me. Oh, you think you’re so smart “reading” your Bible and praying. I find ways of getting those images into your mind. I love it when you fail. I can’t believe you think your God will forgive you every time. Ha! If I was God I would have wiped you off the face of the earth long ago. So go ahead and try again. You will be back, you always do come back.. I will be waiting…