Hey you worthless piece of garbage! Guess what… IT’S OVER! Your power and control over me is done once and for all! You’re whole existence has been one big fat lie! I hate you for what you have done to me and my family – especially how you broke the heart of the person who means more to me than anyone in this world… my wife. God gave her to me as a gift… the greatest gift (besides salvation) that I would ever receive – and you crushed her with your cruel and destructive behavior.

You made me question everything that I trust about God. You made me wonder if freedom was real or if it was just a nice idea. You embarrassed me, you humiliated me, you violated me, you tortured me, you tricked me, you made me hate myself, you gave me nothing but guilt and confusion. You are the worst thing that ever happened to me and I HATE YOU! You used my dark past and the horrible things that happened to me to manipulate me. You took advantage of my pain. I was just a boy, and you were ruthless and evil.

I’m telling you all of these things so that you will know who you really are. Don’t try to justify yourself to me – you are beyond justification. That lie doesn’t work anymore on me… I’m smarter than you, and wiser than you, and with the help of God and the people who love me I’M STRONGER THAN YOU! Here’s a little glimpse of the NEW ME that you will NEVER get to be a part of:

1. I will rid myself of you in every way:
– I will continue to use X3 watch on every device that I can
– On the devices that I cannot use X3 watch on, I will let my wife and my pastor know so that they can closely regulate and protect me from you
– I will meet with my pastor weekly and talk about how you are trying to get at me, so that he and I can kick your ass!
– I will not use computers at school that are not in plain sight of others (I know how you try to sneak in when no one is around, even at my school where you could get me in big trouble… not like you care you idiot)
– I will continue to bounce my eyes and ignore you when you try to make me “just take a little look”

2. I will be completely accountable:
– X3 Watch emails to my wife and Jake
– I will be a truth teller
– When I lie, I will confess and ask for forgiveness and proceed to tell the truth – NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES!
– I will let my wife know when you’re trying to mess with me so that she can help me guard myself from you
– I will be transparent to Jake, even if I know he will ask me to get Nydia involved (they love me and NOT YOU! They will be more than willing to help me whenever for whatever!)

3. I will connect with God more and more often
– I will pray daily against you and I will curse the day that you came into my life
– I will ask God’s forgiveness for my weaknesses because His strength is made perfect in my weakness!
– I will confess daily, my victory over you and the one who sent you

Your days of ruining my days are done! Stay away or you’ll be sorry. I will expose you every time you show your stupid face around here! My light shines brighter than your darkness! I AM LIGHT and YOU ARE DARKNESS… I DRIVE YOU OUT! I AM LOVE and YOU ARE FEAR… I DRIVE YOU OUT! I AM LIFE and YOU ARE DEATH… I DRIVE YOU OUT! I WIN… I WIN…I WIN!