Letter to myself:

Hi Sex Addict, I’m tired of you having me live from a double mind. I’m tired of living lies and not being internally free. I’m sick of the possibility of you destroying my future and my career. I’m sick of you robbing intimacy with my wife, whom I’m called to cherish. I’m sick of living in the shadows, when I should be walking in the light, consistently. I”ll be praying, seeking professional counsel, and focusing on God and the gift of my wife, family, and kids. Get ready to be crucified! Sincerely, J

Letter from my sex addict:

Hi J, no one knows when you allow me room in your life. You won’t lose anything! In fact, the pleasure will enhance everything about you. You know you’ll miss so much if you ever turn from the enticement that I offer you. This is the true excitement you crave. You’ll never find that in your wife anyways. You know, it isn’t near as damaging as you might think. You aren’t doing anything really wrong. So, lift the glass and take a good long drink. No one needs to know. So want you to enjoy, cause believe me, you aren’t addicted. You can put me aside anytime you desire. Sincerely, your Sex Addiction.