First, I must say that you are a lie and a cheat. You seek love in sex and porn and know that the end result is as hollow and empty as every other time before yet you continue. You have robbed far too much from me!

I’m angry and hurt. I’ve made excuses for your behavior to myself and others for way too long! I have lied for you! You consume valuable time that you are aware should be spent on other things. Your pornography and masturbation has cost money in data overages. It has hurt people you love. Your love of sex has wrecked new and incredible relationships that you will never get back. All of this has affected your work attendance. EVEN WORSE!!! Your sex addiction and masturbation have taken a higher priority than getting your own daughter back into your home!

It stops now!

No phone by the bed and the charger is moved away from the night stand.
X3watch app on device already.
Finding accountability partner soon.