Well, it’s been a while. Over a decade. I was introduced to pornography around age 10 and I honestly don’t know how the desire grew, but it was probably strategic. That’s fine. Sometimes breaking up takes a while and people aren’t as wise as they need to be. I should know better. I’m a strong, cut, dry to the point type of person. I’ve known and have gotten to know better why you’re such a problem to have around. You take up so much time and energy, leave me feeling awful, and jeopardize hours of productivity after a few moments of sexual satisfaction. Nothing fun comes from your existence. I’ve seen maybe hundreds of women and have a particular taste in something that doesnt even exist. A part from you, I have such a greater appreciation for the natural beauty women possess. I’m not infatuated with large breasts and slim waists. But you help keep the false imagery alive.
I’ve struggled to depart from you for sometime. I admit its been difficult and sometimes I’ll feel like I really don’t want to separate or don’t believe that it’ll really happen. There is no reason why you deserve any space in my life. you hinder pure relationship with God and the women around me. Its harder to keep my mind set on waiting for marriage because of you. You need Jesus. This is goodbye. I’m not dedicated to serving you. I’m dedicated to serving God and the plans God has for me do not incorporate you. But, I don’t expect you to have love. That can only come from God. So, I have to love me enough to completely let you go. Keeping you isn’t loving myself or the people that love me. They want the best for me. Who knows what unconscious connections I make in the world because of you. I won’t be long speaking to you. You’re bad for me, good for me in no ways. I want to be pure before God, the people I serve, my wife, children, brothers.