To the beast in me,
I’m sick of you. I’m tired of you. You have controlled me for so long. For a few years now I’ve been wrapped in your chains. You’ve left me hopeless, bitter, and depressed, you turned me into one gigantic mess. Every day, I submit to you, left feeling guilty and confused. Why me? Why am i stuck like this. I want to live for God, but i’m just falling further into the abyss. You have taken me captive, and your grip on me is tight. So tight that there are times I feel like just giving up the fight. But the fight is not over, it’s far from over. On my side, I’ve got the King of all Kings, the Lord of all Lords, He’s the one who created the universe and created me, and despite all my failures, He continues to love me. He has a plan for me, a plan with a future and a hope. A plan where i’m free from you, and one where you are nothing but dust. So i’ll keep fighting for that future, I’ll keep fighting for God, because He never gave up on me, He’s always by my side. He’s the one who gives me strength when i’m weak, and He’s the one who will set me free. Your time with me is numbered beast, and your time is almost up. Because I’m ready to beat you now, and now your time is done.