Dear Sex Addict,

I know who you are. I have to admit it you’re good at what you do. You’re a tricky one. But I’m tired of you infiltrating my life. I’ve seen what you do. You lie to me. You tell me that you’ll make feel better if I give in to watching pornography, fantasizing, and online chatting or dating. I get filled with a thrill, the images by the dozens fill my mind and my heart with filth and degradation and lust. All that I end up with is numbness, pain, self hate, loneliness, and doubt. It’s time for you to leave. I’ve always thought that you were unbeatable, but that was before I actually KNEW Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, I know you can’t win.
Here are some points that I’m going to meditate on.
1. I’m worth waiting for//vice versa my future wife is worth waiting for.
2. I’m loved.
3. Even though I feel lonely, it doesn’t mean I actually am. I’m surrounded by people and a God that love me and support me for who I am.
4. God’s view of sex is the true view. Anything else is not worth my time.
5. Nothing in my past, present, or future can separate me from the love that is found in Christ Jesus.
6. I am no longer under law, but under grace.
7. You suck.
It’s nice to know that you’re actually the one I hate and not myself. The biggest hurt you’ve given me is self hate and disgust in myself. It’s killed my confidence, my faith, and my love for others. But now I know I just hate you and what you do. I truly do love myself, not for what I’ve done but for how my Father truly desires and loves me. My worth is found in Him and Him alone. You’ll try all you can to destroy that foundational truth in my life, but you can’t. Truth actually has a foundation, your lies will fall through the floor. You know what happens with you, Jesus wins. End of story.

Leave Me Alone,
Joseph Moore