Letter to myself:

I am DONE!!! I’m tired of the lying, and the hurt I cause to myself and those closest to me! I don’t need you to make me feel good, because I only feel good when I’m doing it, then after it’s done, I feel disgusting and useless! I’m tired of believing the lie that sex is the only thing I’ll ever be good at. Sex has ruined my life! I have abandoned my son, and my family just to feel the temporary high that pornography and sex bring to me! I have lost trust with everyone I’ve ever loved, and I’m tired of feeling like I can never have a real Godly relationship with someone, because of my addiction! Enough is Enough! I’m done with you, and I’m Not Going To Let You Ruin my Life anymore. I am standing on Phillippians 4:13 and I AM NOT GOING TO LET YOU WIN!!!
Makayla Curtis

Letter from my sex addict:

You really think those idle words mean anything to me? I’ve heard them over and over again! “I’m done with you”, “You’re not going to win this time”, & oh yeah the “God” thing. I’ve heard it all before, what makes you think you will stick to it this time? It’s not like you can ever stick with anything you start, except me! You can feed me this bull all day long, but as the Missouri motto goes, you’re going to have to “Show Me” you mean business this time! Oh, and F.Y.I. I’ll be coming at you ten times as hard this time around, just to see if you’re serious about this! See you tonight at midnight!
You’re Sex/Porn Addict