Dear Worst,
I hate you, I have tolerated complied obliged served bowed begged hid and lied for you all my sexually active life. You are a coward. You showed up when my father left to chase after the same lies you promise me. He never found them and in the end he disowned me, wrote me out of his will and legally excluded me as one of his children. You suck! What a fool you are to continue chasing a promise from a deceiver of the first order. You are nothing but afraid. Afraid of being seen as someone who is not perfect. New flash…. YOUR NOT, never have been never will be. If you were poison liquid I would pour you down the drain. If you were a wild attack animal I would hunt you down. You look at young girls and women as objects to use. You are not a man that deserves respect. You are not worthy of the true love that your wife and daughter offer. I want you out of my house, office, mind and life completely. You are not welcome to any of my time, period.