Dear Sex Addict. You have been in control since I was 8 years old. You dictated my schedule, forced me to lie and cover up. You masqueraded for years as my companion and friend, but all along you were destroying me. Every day, bit by bit, you dragged me down. I thought you brought me joy, and pleasure, but I realized a moment later it was only pain. You are worthless and so you try to make me the same thing. You have told me for years that there is no hope, that the road is impossible. You have whispered in my ear that I’m not strong enough, but now I know the truth. All along you were right, I never was strong enough. But the God who made me, whose image I am created in, he is strong enough. His spirit lives in me as well. I will not let you ruin my future. I know you want to disqualify me, ruin my ministry, and destroy my relationships. I won’t let you. I believe, that greater is he who is in me than you. I admit I will miss you. You were always there when I felt alone, abandoned, depressed, and defeated. I looked to you for comfort, but all you deliver is pain. I don’t need you, I never did. I know where life is, I know where joy is. I want my wife one day to wholly have my heart. I want my kids to be able to look up to me and be an example. I want to be a man of God. All you are is a little boy, a scared little boy who is hurt. He is not a man and wont face his problems. He simply just wants to pull others down and hide. I won’t be that man. I won’t become like you. My life is hid with Christ on high. This is farewell sex addict, I hope to never see you again.