Letter to myself:

Well you did control me with the addictions and acting out and for me I keep doing it. Yet I will not be controlled by you any longer. God is more powerful than you and he can overcome you and through him he can overpower the evil one and bring good into my life. I still attend church, and read my bible. I not given up on the Lord yet and he can bring me victory. Even though I recently fell into porn, soon my addictions will be of the past.

Letter from my sex addict:

You are weak and you tried it be fore. You are gay and you were always like that and you will not change. You were born that way. Go back to your old life, and it wont hurt anyone. You were happy that way. Why waste your efforts and money into something you can’t be cured from.. Even if you stop looking at porn you still wont be able to resist it in time.