Letter to myself:

Dear my sex addict: I am going to be honest with myself and say, I have a problem. My sexual addictions have caused me loneliness, rejection, unfulfillment, being unsuccessful in my career, shame and lack of intimacy in my marriage. I have allowed you to control my life for way to long. I am taking a stand against you, I am going to be accountable with my wife. I am no longer going to be paralyzed by the fear of being truthful. I have lied to myself and others for way to long. I believe you can do it and be set free from this sin. My faith in Christ, accountability to my wife and being truthful to myself will bring about the freedom that I so desire. Today is a new day, a day towards freedom in my life.

Letter from my sex addict:

You think you can be set free? You have fallen in this trap time and time again. I will destroy you and everything about you. People don’t even know the real you. You wear masks and try to hide, but I will find you. I am stronger than you think. I will continue to mess with your sleep and you will dream about the images that you have been exposed too. I will bring fear, shame, loneliness and complete unhappiness in your life. I am not done with you until I destroy you. I will destroy your marriage, your daughter’s and yours relationship and the ministry. You will continue to be a slave to me and my power. I am your master. You can try to find freedom but you will chained to me forever. This change will not last, your master.