Letter to myself:

I am done with you! No longer will you control my life. I belong to Jesus and I am submitting to His authority. I know you are stubborn and that you will try to drag me back but I refuse to go there again. Because I am deeply loved by my Savior, my wife, my children and others, and because I love them deeply, I can now stand against you with the strength that comes from Jesus. You provided a false sense of intimacy for me that I will now replace with the real thing from my relationship with Jesus and my wife. Goodbye old companion. I do not plan to ever see you again.

Letter from my sex addict:

You only think you’re done with me. I’m not done with you. I’ll leave you alone for awhile but I’ll be back with a vengence. I don’t give up easily and I know your weakness. You’ve tried to leave me before but you always come back. So deceive yourself if you wish but you will come back to me. I’ll see you then old friend.