Dear Addicted Self,

Yes, it all began with a truth or dare game at 6 years old that awakened love before its time. You’ve struggled with body image issues, self esteem, relationships, and lust ever since then. You’re on the road to recovery, yet sometimes you still slip back into this addiction. You are a woman of God. You are pure. However, there’s a war going on for your affections. The enemy will use whatever he can to get your focus off of God.

You know your weaknesses and so does he. You must stay guarded. You did well for four months until a couple of days ago. Little by little you’ve let you guard down. You’ve fallen out of love with your First Love, Jesus. Now you must heal again. You must consistently put yourself before the One who is pure Love. You must use the Word of God to combat impure thoughts. His word will bring freedom like you’ve never known. Stay consistent. Pray for freedom and for grace even when you don’t feel tempted. Be gracious and patient with yourself just like your Father is. You will walk through this with Him into your freedom. You will overcome, day by day, step by step, choice by choice.