Dear uninvited unwanted guest.

Everything’s is fine, until one day, you sneak in. No idea where you sprung from, but I have an idea where you’re going. You’re getting out of here. I’m kicking you out.

I may fall once in awhile, but I keep getting up, being anchored. I can see where my mistakes were, and I’m dealing with every single one of them.

It’s going to be my heart over my body. I won’t let in without a fight. For I know better, and you’re just finding for something not there.

My main reason of falling was because I was empty. I’m not going to be empty any longer. I’m going to be filled with God.

All is not lost, because here I am, still living. If God didn’t come to save the lost then what am I still doing here?

I’m not solo any more. I did tell a couple people, and unto that, I’m going to tell more. I may be weak as one, but we are strong together. You think they did flee, no, they helped me up. It strengthened our relationships. Now, I could tell them anything else.

Someday, hopefully soon, I’ll see the day there ceases to be your temptation, and that this fight will be over, with the victory to the Lord for he has already won.

I’m choking you out. You can’t remain in here. Because I’m eliminating my fear. I’m standing up to tell others. I won’t let this happen to the rest.

So what more do I need to convince myself? Have you not noticed where I’m taking this to? Have you not realized the control you have lost?

I may be polluted, but Christ cleans my heart. That is no lie, and there you are caught in the middle of your lie of being polluted forever.

There’s the door. Don’t even think of making yourself at home.

Truly, no longer at your service.