Letter to myself:

Addict, we’re through.

You are no longer welcome in my life. Looking back on the past few years, when we’re together, I feel emptied of everything that is good in me. I can’t love anyone – my wife, my family, God, or myself – when you’re around. I used to think you were normal, but now I realize what a hollow, fearful, deplorable, lecherous team we were, and I refuse to walk that path anymore.

I know I’ve quit before, and returned, but believe me when I say that this time is different. I will seek out the help I need from God, who will rescue me. Even if I have given up on myself at times, He can redeem me. God can replace you with pursuits that fill me up, rather than hollow me out.

My daughters are getting older, and you can’t be around them. They need to be shown real love by real men, but with you in my life, they could get lost, and I would be too distracted to notice. What kind of father can I be when you are around?

This time, I’m taking the path home.

Letter from my sex addict:

You can’t simply dismiss me, as though this was all my fault, and you can walk away clean. Do you really think you can leave me behind? You’re not strong enough to walk away. Your wife will reject you and you’ll be right back where you started. Nobody knows you’re unfaithful anyway.

I’m not going anywhere. You’ll be back on this path, and you’ll bring your family with you.

See you soon.