Letter to myself:

Dear lost self, I miss who u used to be ,I wish I could get you back,so much need to be undone,that feeling of guilt is killing me,every time I sin I feel like I’m hurting the one that loves me the most ,God 🙁 I know that love hurts and I feel like I break his heart everytime I sin 🙁 just like putting another nail through his wrest , I don’t understand why one would love such a person as myself so much to.die for?I know there are billions of ppl. In the world but he chose me to carry his name but am I even worth it ? 🙁 why would u ever choose slavery and chains over ultimate freedom it makes no sense … how come in a moment chains seem so easy to wear ..I wish I had as much faith in you as he does. ..you can rise,you have to rise

Letter from my sex addict:

I am weak I know but I have his strength to depend on..I just wanna be with him that’s all ,he’ll take care of the rest,he will set me free .I will rise soon.I promise .