Dear Porn Addict.
You’re weak. You have stolen everything I have. My joy, my innocence. My purity, my feeling of worth. You’ve made me lonely and afraid of failure. You have made me feel like I may never recover from this. All of this has made me terrified of things that should not be afraid of. I should not be afraid of getting married. I should not be afraid of being home alone or up later than everyone else at 18 years old. I’m afraid of dating.

Well it all stops here. No longer will you have control over me. Over anything that I stand for. You have NO power over me or any decisions I make. I am talented and was created for a purpose that is more than this. I’VE GOT THIS!! I’m not worthless. I am valued by the creator of the universe and He loves me more than anything. I’m an overcoming and you no longer have anything over me. I will not be afraid.