Letter to myself:

As I write to you a second time because my device failed me as you so often have.
I can not help but feel anger against it and you.
I wouldn’t have to take time away from my life to do this if you hadn’t killed so much time in the past destroying any sense of strength and accomplishment I had gained.
I know now that my strength is utter weakness separated from the love of Christ. You are weak but he is my strength.
I have victory over you because of him.
I will be honest with my wife.
I will be honest with myself.
I will be accountable to someone.
And I will be free. I am free.
So this is my last goodbye, this is goodbye forever.
I have never needed you nor have you ever helped me in anyway.
You are not my friend although you said you were.
You are my enemy.
You have drug me down for the last time.
You live in the past and in the what-ifs.
I need no other options or choices but the ones I have made toward Jesus Christ, to purity and to my wife.
I am committed to them and need no other options.
Goodbye failure.
Goodbye fear.
Goodbye weakness.
In Jesus I have Strength and Victory.
I am Victorious.

Letter from my sex addict:

You say goodbye but is it really?
Will I see you soon anyway?
I hope it is because it’s been too long.
You may need me to help you with options and choices you never made.
Well in any way we aren’t good for each other. So I guess it’s for the best.
Lay me to rest.
I’m tired of this dance we do.