Letter to myself:

Just leave me alone. You have no authority over me yet, you still seem to show up. I have done everything i can to get rid of you. Yet you fill my head with lies, lust and self pleasure. You have destroyed my perspective of women, you have made me feel guilty and ashamed to even exist on this planet. You have gloated over me for many years. Well here I am not going to sit back and be the weakling who gives into you anymore. Drawing on the strength of the lord, wearing his amour Jesus will CUT YOU DOWN AND GET RID OF YOU. You are going to be fire that burns but becomes ashes and you will be blown away from me by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Letter from my sex addict:

its all right you failed before just keep going
feel good
get your fix
I am here tempting you with porn where is your God
you guilty and useless
you don’t deserve freedom
you can’t beat me