Letter to myself:

Dear mr sex addict
You are totally a destroyer of my life.
You pulled me in the world of this pornographical world since my childhood.
You tempted me through video photos and movies. You always show me the lustful side and tells that everything is fine.
You gave me habbit of masturbation which just gave me a gulity feel averytime. How hard I tried to go away from you but you always pullee me back.
Due to you I feel so inferior sexually and physically. Always I am just worried that will my whole life be going on like this.
But please stop tempting me now.
I wanna go away from you. I dont want to be more addict of you.
So leave me alone.

Letter from my sex addict:

You are wrong. You says that I pulled you in here but the reality is that you gave me aspace to enter your life and gave me a invitation to come in your life. Rrom you childhood till now you just want me to be with. You enjoyed your masturbation a lot.
And when I am with you from so many year you want me to leave you. No I will not leave you. It was your decison to let me enter myself in your life but its now my decision that I will not leave you. How many times you tried to leave me but what just happened. You came back on your knees and that will happen again and again and again.