Letter to myself:

LIES. I’m sick of your lies. I dont have a girl. And i probably will never get one because of you! And God loves me. He let them drive nails through his hands and feet to save me from this! And when he was hanging there, he was thinking of me and every other guy like me! And he was never thinking what a failure i am. He was thinking about what a hero i could be. Thats why he saved me. And you are nothing, i know your power, but it doesn’t compare to my Gods power. He is infinitely greater than you! I told my youth pastor because he loves me too. And he needs help just as much as i do! His wife and kids loath him and you told him the same thing you told me! But we are not giving up. I told him that you lied. And i told the girl i love because if i didn’t, i would have hurt her. And then you would have told her the same thing. And its funny how you think all i can do is kill myself. Ive seen the light at the end of the tunnel. And ive seen amazing things happen by the hand of god in my life. So shut your mouth!!! HAHA just SHUT UP!!! IM WINNING!!! and you have already lost! You lost when my king said it was finished!!!

Letter from my sex addict:

You pervert. You think you can just get whatever girl you want, when you want it. You are a failure! I wonder how many times God looked at you and though, “why did i create that?” Get over yourself! You have been stuck with me since you were 7 years old! And you think trying to fight is gonna help? What the fuck do you think you are doing telling your youth pastor! Dont you know he is a porn addict too? How is he gonna help you! You loser! You told the girl you love about it? How damn smart! Now she sees you for what you are! A pervert! A careless, lonely, child. Oh, now yer gonna go and pray? Nice! You prayed everytime we met! And when did God ever help you out of it!!! You are wasting your time!!! No, you are out of time! Just do it! Just end it! The only way you can stop this, is by taking that bottle of pills you ponder about every time you fuck up. Stop trying! I already won this fight! YOU LOST! Now get back to your useless bible. Ill see you tonight you idiot.