Christ has beaten you. Not me. My walk is a hard and unstable one, many times i have fallen and probably will again. You see, God loves using “broken” people. He enjoys bringing the wise into subjection, and this is no different. I may struggle with porn my whole life. And i may bare some permanent consequences. But one thing i will not suffer is believing what you say. You are a demon. One i wish was tangible that i may try to remove you physically myself. Unfortunately i dont have that privelage. But as i relinquish my pride and allow the rejuvinating presence of Holy Spirit fill this broken body, youll have less room to breathe; and one day, you’ll have so little left, it will be asphyxiation or removal for you. Until that day, you can rest aware that God is working in me and you will have nothing left. All you are is a cheap fix for true intamacy, and i pray that once i experience and learn what true love is and has done for me a sinner, that i will change the lock on my soul and never let you in again.