You Bastard, You have no authority in my life. You may be able to mess with my head and I can tell that every time I do something noble, you try to muscle your way in again. Problem for you is that Jesus has made it clear that he loves me even when I mess up. I’m committed to asking God the Holy Spirit to fill all those little places in my mind, heart and body that you try to hide out in so that there’s no room left for you.

I’m claiming the authory of the cross in my life because that’s the one weapon against which you are completely impotent (notice the choice of words…?) I’m well aware that you’ll keep trying for a while but after losing and losing and losing your attacks will get weaker and farther between. And it isn’t just me. I have brothers who can relate and are in this with me.

I may be ashamed of things I’ve done but I’m not ashamed of Jesus. I’ve asked him to heal the people I’ve hurt and the damage I’ve done to girls who are now moms and wives. I don’t have to carry that guilt anymore because with him, I’m not guilty.

You have no chance. Like the Newsboys said – I’m caught in a landslide of love – and you can’t stop it.