Letter to myself:

Really Andrew? Really? You let it get this far. You had the chance back in Sophomore year of high school when you finally decided to give it up. You had given up porn and masturbation and it lasted all of 6 months. You felt so good for being free but you stopped watching your eyes and thoughts and fell right back into it. Well you can’t change the past but you can certainly change the future. Even though you’ve fallen thousands of times it’s time to get back up and fight knowing God is with you. You had let it get so far that it became more than just solo sin but you went and expanded the sin to include other people at college. College has been so tough because you are thousands of miles away from family and accountability partners but that’s not an excuse. God’s grace is sufficient and you have rededicated your life to him, lets start acting like it. This is going to be very tough but impurity is a habit not a genetic makeup. Think of Christ who died on the cross to save you which is the most he could do for you. Living for him is the least you can do. Think of your future wife. You certainly do not want your foolish mistakes today with sexual sin to affect your relationship with her. Think of your little sister who looks up to you, and your parents who are oh so proud of you. Your mentor TIm from back home. All these people who are praying for you. Jesus will give you the strength. Its time to be free. Mark 10:27 Peace and Love

Letter from my sex addict:

I am so addicted man. I mean I can read my word in the morning and by the afternoon I’m walking and there’s a girl in front of me and my eyes are gonna bulge if I don’t look at what doesn’t belong to me. Its such sin man. It’s hard to have normal relationships with girls because of my evil thoughts. College doesn’t help either. I wanna get out but I just keep slippin back into it. I wanna be free!