Letter to myself:

Hey Micah,

Congratulations! It has been 30 days since I decided to walk down the path of freedom. My thoughts have drifted in this time, yet I stayed connected to my life-line: God. He has given me freedom from Porn and will continue to grant me this freedom. I will continue to be strong in Him and work at my relationship with His. I will stay connected to the people He has given me in order to help you through the difficult times. Remembering to pray when the temptation attacks. Having courage to say no to situations I know I cannot survive. Do not try to do it alone. ASK FOR HELP. I hate asking for help, but thinking I can go it alone is arrogant and prideful. I will only end up broken and hurt, back at the beginning where I started.

As for Porn (lust), I’m done with you! I hate you! Get out of my head! I will be your slave no longer!

I have been encouraged you to remain connected to God, connected to a Church, and connected to friends/family. Do not be afraid to cry out to God. Pray constantly and get in His Word!



Letter from my sex addict:

Hey Loser,

What is this I hear? You want to quit the life you have in lust? You can’t… your too weak. I know you. Every time you try…you fail. It’s the same story every time. You quit, then your back. Always worse than before. You can’t do this. I will always be apart of your life. Besides even if you try to leave, ill make you come back. Wanna know why? Because I know what you have done and I will remind you constantly of these things so that you have to come back. You say what you have done can be forgiven, but trust me, I know better. these things cannot be forgiven and your stupid to try. All you doubts and fears will be made real unless you come back to me. Stay here and you can alleviate the pain. I will be you friend. Without me you have nothing.

You are delusional to think that you can survive without me. I am your only way out. I am your only reward. I am your only god.

Think of it this way, if you left me, where would you go? To your friends, they can’t help you. Your family doesn’t care. and your God won’t save you.

So stay here.

Your Addict