Letter to myself:

Dude, what’s the problem?!
You have friends that love you, a family that loves you, a great girlfriend that loves you and on top of all that Jesus your Lord and Saviour who loves you, and guess what they all love you for the way you are. So what’s the problem?! You don’t love yourself for who you are. Despite all these people that love you exactly the way you are, despite the efforts you made to get back in shape after letting yourself go you still need to find comfort and acceptance and love in porn and on chat sites, camming with other women, showing off your most intimate side all because you feel unloved and lonely.
But you are the one who in isolation doesn’t go and find it amongst your loved ones but mostly you forget God, you forget everything that he has done for you and overtime you have to go crawling back to Him because you “slipped up.” It’s time you realised that you are more than who you think you are. That you are good looking in the eyes of your girlfriend, that you are the best son your parents could wish for and that you are a great friend to your friends, but mostly you are an incredible servant in Gods Kingdom.
The past is behind you look forward to what is ahead, the things that were said about you, the false ideas of who you should be are gone, all that is left is for you to pack this in, I know easier said than done, but there are so many things that will improve when you do, the fear of people finding out what you do in the shadows of your room GONE! The fear of your girlfriend being upset as she feels she isn’t good enough for you GONE! The fear of letting God down and losing your salvation GONE!
So dude whats the problem?! You have everything going for you yet you continually throw it away. Together we can end this the two of us and with God by our side and the support of close friends all things are possible.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dude whats the problem ?!
It’s not all the time, these women will never meet me, it’s just a bit of fun. I have needs that need to be fulfilled…I have a problem!!!
I have everything going for me yet I can’t resist the pressure of a quick peek that turns into hours of masturbation to porn, on cam with other women, sending intimate pictures, whats the problem?! The problem is me, i’m lonely even though I’m surrounded by loved ones. I need the pleasure brought to me by the gratification of my inner self, the encouragement that I can please someone else through my body and looks, even if it isn’t real.
Whats the problem?! I’m in so deep that the only way out seems so far away that I’m scared and I dig myself deeper into the dark world of online sex and porn. I’m caught in a riptide and I can’t see a way out, I sometimes think that not even God can help me, and sometimes that He doesn’t even care.
What’s the problem?! I sometimes feel that I don’t want to stop because of the pleasure it brings, but I then remember the shame it will bring on my family if they find out what I’m doing, I could lose my job at Church and bring shame upon the church community, and most of all it will tear my relationship with my girlfriend apart, the woman I’ve been waiting for for years, the pain it would bring her and me. But utmost it kills me to know that it kills God a little inside overtime I go into that dark nasty world, because of the sacrifice He made and I just ignore the new me and give in to the old me. I want to put the old man to death and let the new man live. So what’s the problem?! I NEED HELP.
I need you to help me through this, I need my close friends to support me through this, I need to see the way out of this isn’t as far as it seems not easy ‘cos it won’t be but that it’s not impossible.