Freedom and Peace sound so good. I hear the words spoke every Sunday. Every time I read the Word I feel them. Calling out to me. Calling my name. Wisdom has called to me from the streets more times than I can count. Through my mentors. My students. My peers. My friends. Through worship. Through the look in my son’s eyes when he sees no fault in me. Through my wife’s gracious and forgiving heart when she knows of my struggles and has caught me failing twice. Through the boys that I have mentored that look up to me. Through the kids at shows that look up to my band because of the image we represent and the songs we write.

You want the worst for me.

They all want what’s best for me.

Jesus has saved my soul. I acknowledge Him as Lord of my life. I believe it with my heart and confess it with my mouth. After 9 years of The Holy Spirit indwelling in my heart He has never left. Even when I abandon Him. When I ignore his word. His precepts.

God will unleash His wrath on the evil in my heart.

You are that evil. That object of wrath.

I will stand faultless and blameless at the thrown of the Almighty when He slays you and takes all credit for your defeat. I will serve Him for the remainder of my days on this earth.

You may have one countless battles since I was a boy. But it must have been pretty easy to take advantage of a confused child with no spiritual defenses.

Jesus has a bigger plan for me than following you could ever accomplish.

He’s already won my heart. There’s no room left for you.