Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict, I use to think you were an easy to hide entertainment that doesn’t affect any of my relationships. Now I know different. There is no getting your feet wet to porn. Anyone involved is hurt by shame/disconnection. All you are is a waste of time and damaging to how I see women. There are no small or light uses of porn. This has affected way to many people adversely because they don’t get off the fence on the subject. I would much rather learn, love, and be satisfied by the real connections I have, than deal with you. Don’t forget that your not the worst, your “just fine.”

Letter from my sex addict:

Think of how useless your sex life is without me. Think about what everyone else gets to enjoy without the worry of disappointing anyone.
You will probably slip up multiple times and will lead to disappointment and resentment for even trying to quit. You will always have something wrong with you and this is the easiest to hide. Think of how bad it will be when I come back on your word. You have never REALLY quit anything that is “just fine.” You don’t deserve the best of your life.