Letter to myself:

You scare me sometimes. I often think about what you would do if my wife was gone. If I wasn’t married would you have more dominance in my life than you do now? Would Jesus Christ be sufficient for me or is my wife just a distraction to keep me from you? I want you gone, forever!! If my wife is gone for a few hours, for a day, a weekend, a week, a month, or if she passes on before me, I won’t let you reign over my life again….I hope….. NO! I know!! God is for me and you cannot stand against me if He is on my side. You may try to sneak back in but I cannot serve two masters. I can only serve one and I chose Jesus to have the rule and reign over me. I will have God as my defense but I’ll also put up other safeguards to keep you out of my life. I will IMMEDIATELY let people know when you are trying to creep back into my life. I will set up protection on my computer (your favorite weapon). I will be open and honest to others about the influence you try to sway over me. I will fix my eyes on Christ daily and not look your way, even when you call my name and offer me the desires of this world. You will not be victorious! I am a child of God! God will sustain me and help me put you to death! In fact, Jesus conquered death so you are already defeated!!

Letter from my sex addict:

You’ve said these things over and over and over since you were in middle school. You’ve tried all of these things. You will give in just like you always do. I will be patient and deceive you when you least expect it. Right after you do something great for God, I am going to tear you down. You will get prideful just like you always do when you do something for God. As soon as you forget to depend on God for your help, I am going to tear your down. Sure you may repent and seek God out, but remember, I am very patient. I’ll just wait until you get prideful again and then strike once more. I’ll see you sooner or later. I’ll be waiting patiently and quietly.