You and i started this addiction from a young age and look at us now, still addicted, still craving, and still ashamed. you and i need to work through this together and get past this addiction. think of your future with your family and with your fiancee, you are a good guy and you need to focus on beating this. I’ll ask you this one question Mitch, Where are we going? i can answer that question with one of two ways on of which being the scariest results possible, if you keep this addiction up the answer is to rock bottom, you will continue to crave it, to feel ashamed after, and you will continue to hurt yourself and others. you need to get past this. you can and you will if you try and put your faith in god. each day i want you to focus on your inner self and stop lying to everyone. the other answer to that question is to a better you. if you get past this addiction you will feel power begin to surge through your heart, you will feel confident, strong, willing, alive and most importantly you will feel clean, but its a long way until you make it there but you need to take it step by step and trudge through the mud of your shame climb the steps to the top of it all and never look back. I love you Mitch, mom and dad love you, Jordan loves you, god loves you, so many people love you and are willing to back you up on this. So beat this addiction, come on Mitch we can do it but we cant do it alone, we need help we need to admit we need help. you and i are the same exact person i am the inner you the old Mitch who never looked at that stuff and is what makes you feel guilty and ashamed afterward. I am You and i see potential to beat this, you are not alone you are not helpless you are not week you are just stuck and what do we do when we get stuck? we pick ourselves out of the muck that is pulling us down and holding us stationary and we fight through till the end. you can do this Mitchell. i have faith in you. Good luck mitchell, you can climb your way up and be the better man but you have to be willing to fight for it.