Letter to myself:

Do you realize you have been wasting you entire life on PMO (porn, masturbation, orgasm)? What have you gained? Nothing. You have gained absolutely nothing.

But you are valued by God, and through Him you can overcome it.

Here are some things I want you to know:

Your addiction is related to the daily ogling at women. It feeds objectifying women, which is part of the pattern. You then masturbate to an animallike fantasy of no commitment and pure pleasure. But you are only distancing yourself from what matters and brings joy in life: Sex with someone you love, and that loves you.

Look at your fantasy.

Would you really like to have sex with that girl in the bus? That pornstar on your image search? That hot college babe on Pinterest?

The consequences of that sin would be nothing but heartache and trouble. The satisfaction would be no more than the fix of a heroin addict – the immediate satisfaction that is replaced by a life of crime. For your porn addiction, the dreams in real life would lead to an empty, hollow life. A life without children. Without a partner. A life in the night clubs. A life with filthy hookers. A life of sin. A life without God. You would lose your wife.

So what are you seeking? Only the dream and not to fullfil? If that’s the case, then look at the consequences of sin that persists:

– Lack of intimiacy with your wife
– Less frequent sex with your wife (you simply don’t need the orgasm as much)
– Your recent child might continue the fantasy, because he discovers the porn one day
– The shame you feel yourself
– The constant distraction from ogling women.
– It’s keeping you from reading the Bible and coming closer to God because of the self inflicted guilt.

Turn to Christ. He needs you, and he wants you as a friend. Turn to your wife, she needs you in the physical, and she wants you in her bed.

It’s taken you half of your life. Let’s call it quits, like you have done with others addictions before it.

This will be my last letter to you.

God bless you

Letter from my sex addict:

This will be my last letter, I hope.

I want to break free from this. I feel ashamed, I feel the consequences of my sin, and I want to get out. I am SOOOOOO tired of all the filth. I am SO very tired of the constant ogling of girls, and constantly returning to masturbate to images.

I have been around for years, and I don’t want to do this anymore.

I have tried willpower (it can fail), I have tried prayers (nothing has happened yet), I have tried removing the tools (like Pinterest app), but I still find a way for myself.

I pray for help. I need help. I sincerely hope this is my last letter.