Letter to myself:

why is it so hard for you to stop this? not only is it ruining your future relationships, it is ruining the ones you have now. your parents don’t trust you to be alone anymore, you feel gross afterwards, you can’t even use your laptop for fun stuff anymore, all it is for is school now. your life sucks right now, and it is all your fault. every time you get caught you tell yourself this is it, I’m done for good with this. but within 2 weeks you are some how pulled back into the never-ending hole of darkness and deceit. get your act together be a man and stop!

Letter from my sex addict:

i don’t know why i can’t stop, i feel weak, like I’m in sinking sand and I’m flailing and getting sucked in faster. i know I’m not the only one struggling with this but it feels like i am. overtime i get caught it is a huge load off my back, not having to be scared about getting caught in my deceit, why can’t i stay clean and feel like that forever?